Digital State-of-the-Art X-Rays

Dental X-rays are an important diagnostic tool that provide your dentist with more detailed information about your teeth and mouth that can be essential in preventing or detecting dental issues. An X-ray can reveal valuable information that may not be found by a regular dental exam. This tool is used by dentist to provide you with the most effective and complete dental treatment.

What can dental X-rays detect?

  • Bone loss
  • Benign and malicious tumors
  • Abnormal development
  • Irregular tooth and root positions
  • Abscesses or cysts
  • Problems inside the jaw bone, a tooth or below the gums

Digital radiology refers to the technique used to take X-rays of your mouth and teeth, which utilizes an electronic sensor to capture the image digitally and store it on the computer.

What are the benefits of digital X-rays?

  • Uses an electronic sensor rather than X-ray films
  • Reduced radiation than traditional dental X-rays
  • Image is instantly available
  • Easy to view and enlarge on the computer for a more detailed analysis

Digital X-rays are safe, even safer than regular dental X-rays because of their lower radiation, and take less time and discomfort to take. Dental X-rays are needed for all new patients so that the dentist can have all the information necessary to develop the best treatment plan for your dental health. For children and teenagers, dental X-rays are needed a couple of times every year because their teeth are still developing, so they are used as a preventive tool to spot any irregularities during the development. For adults, dentists usually recommend dental X-rays every few years depending on dental health of if anything comes up during a regular check-up.

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